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Janice Dickinson Loses Two False Teeth, Searches For Them Like 'Lucille Ball On Crack'

Today's Style believe-it-or-not: Janice Dickinson ostensibly lost two false teeth at Sant Ambroeus restaurant in Southampton, Page Six reports.

The 56-year-old supermodel unfastened her falsies to enjoy her food, explaining to the gossip column, "I was so excited talking to [my friend] that I put my teeth in my napkin, and then I couldn't find them! Did they fall into the soup? These things are so expensive they could feed a small village."

A frantic Dickinson got down on all fours like "Lucille Ball on crack," and coerced the clientele into helping her locate the pearly whites, which, health inspectors-be-damned, were ultimately found.

Dickinson has been pretty open about her plastic surgery past, but no one has asked her about her dental records. However, if "America's Next Top Model" (which closely parallels the actual industry and upon which Janice was once a judge) has taught us anything, it's that the teeth make the woman. Remember when Tyra shaved a gap between a contestant's two front fangs? Okay, we didn't catch that entire episode, but we read all about it here.

Anyway, back to Janice. Check out the following clip from 2010 -- in it, she tells ABC News about all the work she's had done. She says, "I've done just as much as every model and actress out there, I'm just willing to talk about it."