Janice Dickinson Reportedly Flashes Shoppers At H&M

H&M shoppers in L.A. got an eyeful of more than just the new Versace for H&M line after a rumored wardrobe malfunction from none other than Janice Dickinson.

Page Six reports that at a Los Angeles store, the supermodel decided to try on leggings in the middle of the store, and when she disrobed, she flashed customers her, uh, full business because she wasn't wearing underwear. Whoa there!

The source told Page Six that Dickinson later yelled, "Listen, you monkey brain!" at a cashier and loudly announced, "I'm a former supermodel."

If true, it wouldn't be the first style faux pas for the supermodel: this summer, she reportedly dropped two false teeth on the floor of a Hamptons restaurant and coerced her fellow diners into helping her hunt for them on hands and knees.

The Post contacted Dickinson for a statement about the H&M incident, and while she attests to dropping trou in the middle of the store (classy), she swears she was wearing underwear. Take it away, Janice:

"I did go to H&M because I'm collecting apparel for the people of Haiti. Of course I don't use dressing rooms. There was no one in the store." She clarified: "Any woman in their right mind in this economy wants to collect clothes for charitable purposes."

As for her lack of panties, she said," The shopper needs glasses. I wear La Perla G-string nude and they were on me." She said the "monkey brain" cashier is her friend "Brett" and denied calling herself a "former supermodel."

"There’s nothing former about me. I was at the top of the food chain. I coined the term."

So to recap: Janice Dickinson does not use dressing rooms, donates to charity, wears expensive underwear and managed to fit her "I was the original supermodel" speech into her defense of not going commando.