Janice Dickinson: Anna Wintour Is Fake, Tyra Is 'Soulless' & More Gems

Janice Dickinson isn't exactly the type to pat you on your head, make you a cup of tea and tell you everything's going to be okay. After all, this is the same woman who once likened Tyra Banks to a "man" and called Lady Gaga a "fucking idiot."

In her latest JaniceOpinionBlast™, the model reveals to Fox News that she's feeling a little frosty towards some things.

First, Janice weighed in on Vogue's new "healthy eating" initiative, an effort to hire models who don't appear overly skinny, which "America's Next Top Model" host and former Dickinson co-star Tyra Banks just praised in an open letter. Guess how Janice feels?

“Please, look at Anna Wintour, she’s thinner than thin," Dickinson said. "This (new rule), I just don’t buy it.”

And since we're on the subject of Tyra, Dickinson continued her one-woman crusade to take Banks and what Janice calls her "rigged" TV show down a peg or twelve. Regarding Tyra's recent firing of all the "ANTM" judges, she told Fox: "[Tyra has] fired everybody, she’ll keep firing people, she’s soulless, she’s heartless and she’s cold.”

So there you have it. Tyra is a snake, Anna W. needs a cheeseburger and more general antipathy. This has been JaniceOpinionBlast™.

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