Jankossen Contemporary

JanKossen Contemporary has been showing works from many up-and-coming artists. Beginning in 2013, JanKossen Contemporary focuses its exhibits on abstract, conceptual art and brings works from international artists into their Chelsea gallery space. September 10 the gallery will be showcasing a solo exhibition of Dieter Balzer's work. Here’s a quick word from two of the artists who showcased their work at JanKossen this summer.





Arthena: What was the inspiration and process of your most recent project?

Badar: It is called “Hybrid Series.” I was very inspired by one of quotes of Einstein, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Our attached to technology, its constantly evolving nature, its overwhelming data and endless surveillance astonishes me. We eat, sleep, wake up, diet, exercise and even find love via smart phones, cameras and tablets. Internet is changing us.

Boundaries are crushed. Year after year, the Human race is evolving. The once established roles of men and women have become blurred. Humans are becoming hybrids. Sexual orientation, race and age don’t matter anymore. This project explores the relationships between how we live and how we look in the future. 

I often catch my multitasking, running one job to another and rushing. During these times my face gets asymmetric and body language gets odd. I want to challenge the viewers by evoking feelings of surprise, discomfort, hallucination and sometimes dejavu.

These portraits are my obsessions with appearance and technology but also concerned with notions of future. These might be my fantasies or might be my speculations. You will be the judge.


What emerging artist would you like to see more of in the future?

I have so many emerging artists I love. It is so hard to pick one. If I had to pick, I would give two names. First one is Timothy Hutto. He has a very whimsical and, at the same time, minimal fine art portfolio. He is a very talented commercial artist as well. I got the chance to work him. It was the very first time I let a photographer take my pictures. I normally do self-portraits.. I love to see more of his work in the future. http://www.timothyhutto.com


Second one is Claire Rosen. She is definitely a leading emerging artist. Her birds of a Feather series are superb. She did a solo show at Woodstock Photography Center last year. Frames were gigantic and gorgeous. I easily can see her work hanging at MOMA in the future.  http://www.claire-rosen.com





Arthena: What was the inspiration and process of your most recent project? 

Echa: I work on metal and canvas. I always use achromatic gray: for me it represents calmness, neutrality. It enhances and intensifies other colors. My work is also about relationships: I always leave unpainted areas on my metal sheets: the painting becomes an overlapping of feelings and colors, and you can see your reflection in it.

The illusion of being ‘light’ and heavy at the same time is important for me: my works on heavy aluminum have a shadow on the wall so the work is ‘floating’. 


What emerging artist would you like to see more of in the future?

I wouldn’t specify anyone. Nowadays we see a lot of art, and sometimes works look the same, so some galleries are awash in clichés. But still there are so many talents. I would like to see more artists who stay true to themselves, artists with a genuine willingness to experiment with new styles and with a lot of soul and depth in their work.

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