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Janna Ardoin Sues Patchwork Pet Resort And Veterinary Clinic For Not Euthanizing Her Dog

A Harrison County, Texas, woman is suing a local veterinarian for saving her dog's life.

Janna Ardoin claims she took her Chinese pug Chester to the Patchwork Pet Resort and Veterinary Clinic in September 2010 because the dog's eye had come out of its socket and was dangling by "a single strand of skin," Courthouse News reports. The Marshall vet's office offered Ardoin three options: They could repair Chester's eye for $380, euthanize him for $90, or send him home.

Ardoin says she was unable to afford the $380 and that Patchwork refused to let her pay in installments or with an old check, leaving her no choice but to have the vet put Chester to sleep, according to Courthouse News.

Instead, it appears Patchwork fixed Chester up and gave him away, without Ardoin's consent or knowledge.

Ardoin grieved Chester "for several weeks," according to court documents, before a friend told her that she'd seen the dog alive and well during a visit to Patchwork. Ardoin also claims to have confirmed that not only had the dog's eye been repaired, but also that the animal was now living with a Patchwork employee.

Ardoin filed suit in a local court against Patchwork's Dr. William Boyd, along with co-owners Sam and Barbara Lundy, in August. She's claiming breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and "mental anguish" because of the vet's "egregious conduct."

In a phone call with The Huffington Post Barbara Lundy noted that while they did lease the building and practice space to Dr. Boyd, they are not responsible for problems pertaining to customers and animals. "She was his client and customer, not ours," Lundy said. "In other states I may hold responsibility for what happened to this woman [Ardoin], but Texas is different."

Dr. Boyd moved his practice out of the building in July 2011 and now has a new office at All Cypress Veterinary Hospital. He was not immediately available for comment.