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Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan's Wife, Kicks Things Off In Kohl's Dress (PHOTOS)

As Ann Romney cautiously stepped into the glaring media spotlight, she mostly played it safe... until she quickly misstepped. Her silky, bright "bird shirt" by Reed Krakoff, worn on a May appearance on CBS's "Early Show," turned out not only to be sort of ugly-looking but also cost $990. We can just imagine Mitt grimacing to her off-camera: "Ann... this is not helping."

So when Janna Ryan, wife of Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, hit the stage this weekend, she made a far savvier clothing choice. As ABC News reported, Ryan joined her husband on stage in a $70 Dana Buchman dress, picked up at Kohl's.

Such foresight isn't too surprising; as many media outlets have noted, Janna Ryan is one smart woman. A graduate of Wellesley College and a lawyer by training, Ryan (née Little) worked as a lobbyist and tax attorney in Washington D.C. Now she's a full-time mom and political wife, thrust onto the scene as her hubby runs for VPOTUS... and she runs for the unique position of SLOTUS.

As a young-looking 43-year-old with a wide smile and head of blonde hair, Janna has showcased a friendly vibe in her brief time on the campaign trail. But Ann Romney, also blonde and smiley, has turned some Americans off with her fancy tastes (dressage, anyone?) and pricey clothes. Janna is actually a certified millionaire, but could she balance Ann out with her affordable wardrobe and approachable style in the manner of Michelle Obama?

It remains to be seen (there's still plenty of time for a trip to Target and some J.Crew outfits). But we'll be watching this new SLOTUS-wannabe (and documenting her fashion choices, natch) from now until November...

Meet Janna Ryan

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