January Jones: Betty Draper Not Originally In 'Mad Men' Pilot

Betty Francis' (formerly Draper) life takes a number of wicked twists and turns, but as the woman who plays her reveals, she almost never existed at all.

January Jones covers the new issue of W Magazine, opening up about her rise from being a model to TV actress to movie star. She originally auditioned for the role of barrier breaking, career-focused Peggy -- the role went to Elisabeth Moss -- and instead, series creator Matthew Weiner created a role for her.

"There was no Betty in the pilot when I auditioned. Matthew Weiner, the creator of the show, had no intention of showing Don Draper’s home life," she revealed. "I read for Peggy two times—it was between me and Elisabeth Moss, who eventually got the part. At the end of the scene, there was a casual mention that Don was married. Matt went home that night and wrote two scenes that featured Betty. I auditioned a couple of days later, and he made me a verbal promise that the character would grow. I took the part on faith—there was no script or fleshed-out character or Betty plotline."

After a dramatic, public back and forth, Weiner and carrier AMC reached a deal for three more seasons, meaning Jones will once get to play the part for a good while longer. She's also set to star in this summer's "X-Men: First Class," playing the role of Emma Frost.

"I’m a villain. As Emma Frost I’m telepathic, and I can turn into a diamond, which means I’m very, very cold," Jones said. "I always wear white: lots of iridescent stretch leather, lots of sparkle, and ass-kicking white boots."

Jones recently featured on an alternate cover of the British magazine Total Film, wearing white -- though not much.