Google Launches Japan Earthquake Person Finder To Help Find Missing People

In the aftermath of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan Friday, Google has launched a Japanese-language Person Finder tool to help victims and families locate one another.

The Person Finder lets people enter an inquiry about a missing person or provide information for interested parties. A similar tool was launched after a large quake struck Chile in February 2010.

By 9 a.m. EST on Friday, the AP had reported that 60 are dead and 56 are missing in Japan as a result of the massive quake and the tsunami that followed. At that time, Google's Person Finder was tracking an estimated 5,500 records.

Google announced the Person Finder tool on Twitter. "Google Person Finder available after earthquake in Japan to help you get information about loved ones," read a tweet from the official Google account.

Visit the Person Finder Tool: 2011 Japan Earthquake page to view the Google service. For the latest updates about Japan, visit our live blog.

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