Japan Tsunami Dog Reunited With Owner

The tsunami dog has returned home.

The pooch, who floated out at sea for 3 weeks following the tsunami, was reunited with her family Monday morning, reported the New York Post. The owner of the dog apparently saw a news report on the rescue and immediately recognized the family pet.

From the New York Post:

"I recognized her immediately after seeing her face," she said, hugging the animal.

"I am happy that she seems healthy. I want to cherish her when I take her back," she added, as Ban licked her face and wagged its tail.

The dog's name is actually "Ban," according to CNN.

The 2-year-old mixed breed dog was picked up by the owner in Kesennuma, in the Miyagi prefecture. Though the dog had been found with no collars or tags, according to CNN the reunion was quite warm.