This High School Baseball Player Must've Been A Jedi Knight In Another Life

Batting stances will never be the same.

No, he's not calling his shots a la Babe Ruth. He's just doing what he always does. This baseball player for Namekama High School in Japan doesn't have the stereotypical call-for-time, spit-in-both-hands, dig-in-deep routine that sluggers opt for when preparing themselves in the batter's box. 

This is far more elaborate. First, there is his approach to the plate, which is just, well ...

We've seen Japanese players bring unique preparation techniques to baseball before -- Ichiro was infamous across MLB for his on-deck circle stretches and batter's box quirks  -- but he never did anything like this. 

It's like this player is using his bat twirls as a timing mechanism for hitting. Or excellently psyching out the pitcher. Or, he's just showing off. 

Probably a little of Column A and a little of Column B.

Regardless, this kid's got serious sword skills. There's no way part-time swordswoman Olivia Munn is keeping up with these bat-wielding moves. Look at all the wild ways he limbers up before each pitch: 

At least we know two people who are not impressed: the umpire ...

...and the catcher:

Even when the batter fouls off a pitch, he plays it up, keeping everything in sync. You can't mess with the groove. Just ask "Star Wars" Kid.

Disturb him, and he might unleash some real hell upon your shitty pitching. Don't test this batter. Just don't do it, pitcher man. He's warning you: 

Until, of course, he grounds out. But, hey, whatever gets you in the zone. 

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