5 Genius Gadgets From Japanese Bathrooms That Americans Should Borrow

5 Genius Japanese Bathroom Gadgets That Americans Should Borrow

Turns out we've been using the bathroom all wrong.

This adorable video from Life Where I'm From debuted earlier this year, but Digg recently resurfaced its greatness. In the video, we learn how Japanese bathrooms beat American ones in pretty much every way possible. Not only do they have a brilliant privacy setup and the most incredibly hygienic way of taking a bath, but they recycle water with an inspiring, sophisticated system. Check out some of a Japanese bathroom's best gadgets below, and brace yourself for a major renovation craving.

1. In a Japanese bathroom, three people can clean up at the same time.
There's a separate small room for the bath, another area for the main sink, and a cordoned-off toilet with its own sink included, so three people can use the bathroom at once. Now THAT'S a functional space.


2. You can wash yourself before getting in the tub.
The bathtub area has a seat with a water spray wand, so you can clean your hair and skin before getting in the bath. This helps to avoid marinating in your own filth, which is a pretty incredible idea.


3. And there's a control panel for water temperature.
Just pick your desired warmth, and the tub will respond. There's an emergency call button and a regular call button on the control panel, too, that gets in touch with building security if you live in an apartment building.


4. After a bath, you can re-use the water for another bath or for laundry.
Because Japanese bathers rinse off before getting in the tub, the water is clean enough for another person to use afterward. Or you can suck up the bathwater in a tube that connects to the washing machine. It's sheer brilliance.


5. Oh, and you can dry your clothes in the bathroom, too.
Use the control panel to turn on a fan that fluffs your clothes while they hang. No wrinkles here! Just Japanese bathroom magic.


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