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Japanese Clothing Company Comes Up With The Most Insulting Size Label. Ever.


In an industry plagued with things like vanity sizing, it's often good to remember that as long as something feels and looks good, the actual size of the clothing really doesn't mean much.

But we have a feeling that this sentiment might not make shoppers of this store feel any better. Complex reported on Monday on Japanese company Fatyo's size offerings, which are pretty much unlike any we've ever seen before.

Instead of using a typical small, medium and large scale, or even a number system, this brand offers four, more... descriptive options: Twitch, Skinny, Fat and Jumbo.

And even though most have concentrated on the fact that they have a "fat" size, it's important to acknowledge that "twitch" isn't exactly the most complimentary label, either.

The site reports that many Japanese companies use alternative titles to describe their clothing. However, we can think of plenty of other, way less insulting words to describe both small and larger sizes. Just sayin'.

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