Strawberry Japanese Desserts Are Insanely Impressive (VIDEO)

But it looks like a strawberry, and tastes like a strawberry.

If Rene Magritte -- the "This Is Not A Pipe" Belgian surrealist painter -- were to appreciate a dessert, it would be this Japanese strawberry (which is not really a strawberry).

Japanese desserts are often impressive and this modernist sugared strawberry is no different. Making this strawberry dessert requires a lot more than a quick rinse and hulling of the stems, you have to take a lesson in modernist cuisine first.

The Japanese creation starts with a real strawberry, undergoes three different state changes and still looks very much like a strawberry when done -- but it's far from it. Watch the video above to see what we mean. We know it's eight minutes long, but that's nothing in comparison to how long it took to make (10 hours!).

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Japanese Desserts

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