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There's A Japanese Gadget That Magically Turns A Single Egg Into Pudding


Instant pudding is seemingly the easiest fix when in need of a creamy dessert: Dump the powdered mixture into a bowl, whisk it with milk, refrigerate and serve. A Japanese kitchen gadget, called Okashina Tamago Mawashite Mawashite Marugoto Purin (or, Pudding Whole Turn Turn Funny Eggs), could make the process even simpler.

egg spinning toy

The egg spinner transforms a plain egg into purin, which is a Japanese flan-like custard. Purin is sold in plastic cups similar to the iconic American Snack Pack.


You'll need a bit of elbow grease to work this egg-spinning contraption. It functions sort of like a slot machine, except you cash out every time (and instead of coins, you win a custard egg). To start, secure a shelled, uncooked egg into the plastic encasing and then transfer it into the lever case. Spin the egg round and round by pulling on the lever for about two minutes.

Once the egg has been properly twirled, heat a pot of water to a boil and then turn it off. Sit the egg in the hot water for about half an hour. When the time's up, you'll have a little serving of custard cutely packaged in an egg shell.

The treat can be eaten plain or drizzled with caramel or fruity sauces for a bit of added sweetness.
custard egg

According to RocketNews24, the toy from Takara Tomy Arts is set to hit shelves on September 25. If you can't wait to get your hands on it, or need pudding this instant, grab your spoon and try a couple of these:

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