Japanese Farmers Are Growing Heart-Shaped Mandarin Oranges

And we're sure that you'll 💙 them.
<p>Awww, so sweet!</p>

Awww, so sweet!


Farmers in Japan are growing heart-shaped mandarin oranges with a little extra love -- and a bizarre triangular contraption.

Video shows farmers in Yawatahama fastening select oranges inside the wood and metal tube mechanism. The fruit is then grown to fit a V-shape on the bottom and a twice-rounded top. Voila! A heart! Amazing!

Here is what this monumental achievement of engineering looks like:


The farmers tell NTV that they had about a 60 percent success rate with the method last year, yielding approximately 250 heart-shaped oranges. They hope this will help them sell more oranges.

One thing is for sure: Heart-shaped citrus will go over way better with your signfificant other than a square watermelon this Valentine's Day.

Farmers in Ehime Prefecture are betting on a special trick to conquer more customers.

Posted by NTV News24 English on Friday, September 4, 2015