5 Design Tricks To Borrow From The Japanese

Clean lines and soothing colors -- what's not to love?

The Japanese are known for sleek, polished and impeccably organized spaces. From the stately architecture of religious temples to the tranquil atmosphere of a traditional tea house, beautiful design inspiration is everywhere.

If you wish to channel Japanese style in your own home, there are a few elements to keep in mind. Below, you'll find 5 of the major qualities that make Japanese spaces so captivating.

Earthy Color Scheme
An earthy color scheme will make your living space instantly more serene. Take a cue from this Japanese tea room and incorporate soothing shades of yellow, red and brown into your home.
Greenery Inside
Not only do plants purify the air indoors, they also set a tranquil mood in any space. Their vibrant color is just the just bold enough that it doesn't overwhelm the eye.
Minimalist Serveware
Opting for minimalist cups, plates and silverware is a surefire way to make your dining area look clean and polished. Plus, your brilliant culinary creations will really stand out.
No Clutter
Eliminating clutter will do wonders for your home and your sanity. Once you tidy up, you'll feel more organized and your space will look more inviting.
Wooden Details
Wood is a material often used in Japanese design. As demonstrated by the above soaking tub, wood adds a natural touch that makes a room look more lived-in without sacrificing sophistication.
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