Japanese Recipes: Hand Rolls, Yakitori, Ramen And Garage Rock (PHOTOS)

Japanese Night: Sake, Miso and Garage Rock

Last week we talked all about Swedish Night -- this week, it's Japanese Night. We've pulled together some amazing Japanese recipes and soundtrack ideas just like last time, to transport you in space and time to a Tokyo dance party.

Japanese cooking is so full of amazing flavor that it's sometimes hard to believe that most of it is actually pretty good for you. If there's anything we've learned from planning these internationally-themed nights, it's that every culture has a great meatball they want you to try, and music they want you to dance to. While the Swedes brought us their creamy, beef meatballs, the Japanese are partial to a ginger-spiked chicken variety. Remember dancing to Swedish pop anthems last week? This week, it's all about Japanese garage rock.

Because we know you're dying to know how to say "cheers" in Japanese: kanpai!

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Iced Mint Green Tea

Japanese Night

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