Japanese Restaurant Gives Solo Customers Stuffed Animals For Company


Hate dining alone? One Japanese restaurant has a semi-awkward yet totally adorable solution for all your table-for-one woes.

The Moomin Café in Japan seats solo diners with cuddly stuffed animals to make the experience of dining alone a little less lonely, Food Beast reports. (Sure, the stuffies might not be the greatest conversationalists, but they have to be better listeners than your last date.)

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The cafés are themed around The Moomins, a Swedish-Finnish book and animated series about a family of friendly hippo-esque critters.

Each location features food, drink and decor inspired by the whimsical franchise, but the main draw is clearly the option to dine with a wide-eyed Moomin of your own.

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(We'd just like to point out that texting at dinner is rude, even when your date is a stuffed animal.)

We're conflicted here: Would dining with a plush-y as your plus-one make going to a restaurant by yourself more palatable -- or does it just make the whole situation that much more embarrassing? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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