All Hail This Nonstick Japanese Yogurt Lid

All Hail This Japanese Yogurt Lid

You know that annoying smear of yogurt that sticks to the lid and gets everywhere?

Well, you don't if you're buying this stuff, which appears to be a container of Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt from Japan. The product's apparently nonstick lid makes sticky yogurt fingers a thing of the past:

The high-tech lid likely shares some (or all) of its DNA with "Toyal Lotus," a non-stick material developed by Toyo Aluminium. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Morinaga Milk Industry helped develop the product but other yogurt makers are also using the technology.

The lid calls to mind a coating called LiquiGlide, invented by an MIT professor in 2012. In addition to demonstrations involving glue and ketchup bottle, LiquiGlide looks to be impervious to yogurt. The company signed an agreement with Elmer’s Products Inc. late last month to produce a special non-stick glue container, reports the New York Times.


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