Japan's Kanto Region Is The Perfect Place To Escape President Trump

11/15/2016 12:14pm ET | Updated November 12, 2017

The election of Donald Trump is, by most sane assessments, a tragedy of historical proportions, one that is perhaps oversized when compared to America's relatively short existence thus far. Naturally, many Americans feel compelled to leave the daily hell their country has become.

While no place on Earth is safe from the global implications of a Trump presidency, some can help put it into context more than others. Japan, for example, where past, present and future exist in harmony, and whose history has seen more than its fair share of tyranny.

In particular, the Kanto region that occupies the central-eastern portion of Honshu island, between the base of Mount Fuji and Tokyo, provides a fortress of serenity and peace most of us could use right now. Click through the photos from my recent trip there to transport yourself, even if you can't get on a plane right now.

Japan's Kanto Region is the Perfect Place to Esape President Trump
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