Have You Ever Lived In One Of Jared Kushner's Apartment Buildings?

HuffPost wants to hear from you if Kushner's company was your landlord.

Daddy’s bright boy and White House son-in-law Jared Kushner has never had a reputation for being a particularly scrupulous landlord. A recent class-action lawsuit against Kushner Companies filed by tenants in Baltimore, for example, accuses Kushner of charging improper fees. 

Have you ever lived in a Kushner-owned building? Have you ever seen anything that wasn’t right? We’d love to talk!

Kushner Companies has residential buildings managed by its affiliate Westminster Management in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. 

If you’ve lived in one of these properties — or if you know anyone who does —you can help HuffPost’s reporting.

Send me an email at ashley.feinberg@huffpost.com. If you’d like to encrypt that email, you can find my PGP key here. You can also ask me for my number if you’d prefer to talk over Signal.  

And Jared, no need to be shy. You’re welcome to reach out, too.