Jared Kushner Went To Iraq And Couldn't Have Looked More Out Of Place

Can YOU spot Kushner in these photos?

Jared Kushner is something of a Renaissance man ― he’s President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, chief negotiator, infrastructure guy, opioid crisis point-man, and now, apparently, Middle East policy specialist.

During a brief jaunt to Iraq earlier this week, photographers snapped Kushner checking in on the government happenings: flak jacket, blazer, khakis and all.

And Twitter had a LOT to say about the flak jacket/blazer combo:

It’s unclear why Trump thought Kushner was the best person to handle this particular job, seeing as he has zero foreign policy experience, but no matter!

Because Kushner is a key foreign policy adviser and the point-person in charge of helping to secure Israeli-Palestinian peace, we have these quirky photos for the internet to make fun commentary about!

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