Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto Responds To HuffPost Editor's Article

On Monday's visit to HuffPost Live, Thirty Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto took a moment to respond to HuffPost Entertainment Editor Kia Makarechi's previous article about the band. In his article, which focused on an interview Leto and Makarechi conducted in May, Makarechi noted that there was a distinction between the art world that Leto appears to live in and the music that his band makes. (Makarechi wrote that Leto is "a rock star to young-ish crowds of everymen and a high-brow, mysterious art movie star").

Leto says the band's fans (a fiercely loyal and diverse group known as "The Echelon") felt like Makarechi was being an elitist and "snarky." Here's what happened when the two met on set in New York. (The full segment can be viewed here.)

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