Jared Leto Develops Signature Pose, Reminds Us Of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus isn't the only one with a signature pose. It's pretty clear that her tongue can't and won't stop, and that she's embraced it as her "look."

Wouldn't you know that Jared Leto's created a look of his own too. His tongue's staying firmly inside his mouth (for the most part), but he's taken to posing for photos with his mouth wide open, as if he's the roaring MGM Lion.

If the tongue-out look is the "Miley," then it seems we're witnessing the development of the "Jared" ... or the "Leto." Take your pick.

Have a look at Leto's signature pose, which has made quite the appearance on his Instagram page.

There you have it, folks -- hard evidence that Jared Leto doesn't even need to smile to take a great photo.

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