Jared Leto Talks Playing A Transgender Woman In 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Jared Leto Sounds Off On Criticism About Playing Transgender Character

Actor Jared Leto stopped by HuffPost Live today to discuss his latest role, in which he plays a transgender woman named Rayon in "The Dallas Buyers Club."

HuffPost Live asked Leto about the criticism he has received for being a cisgender man and playing a transgender woman at a time when transgender actors are slowly gaining more visibility within the entertainment industry. Though Leto allegedly remained unaware of the criticism, his response placed the conversation within a consideration of the role of the actor.

"I think it's wonderful for actors to be able to play roles that are outside of themselves," Leto told HuffPost Live. "That being said, you wouldn't want to stick a transgender person with only transgender roles. So it goes both ways. That's what makes art and acting really exciting is you get a chance to learn about other people and stretch and push yourself."

Check out the rest of the clip above, or click here to watch the whole HuffPost Live segment with Jared Leto.

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