This Is The Hardest Part About Having Nieces And Nephews, According To Two Uncles

Condoms, spermicide, downing supposed virility-killing amounts of Mountain Dew: these spoken word artists went above and beyond to be sure the only baby showers they'd be attending in the future would be someone else's.

No surprises, no grubby little fingers to be cleaned, no gaggles of children to ferry to and from school. It was better that way. Or at least it was until their nieces and nephews were born.

In "Uncle Daycare," embedded above, spoken word artists Jared Singer and Omar Holmon dissect all the craziness that comes with being an uncle. And it sounds like there's a lot. Being an uncle is no easy task.

But then there are the moments that make Singer and Holmon remember just how much they love their siblings' kids. Like when little Harrison asked his down-on-his-luck uncle, "Why are you being so mean to yourself? You'd never let me talk to myself like that."

No, the hardest part of being an uncle isn't the grubby fingers or parking SUVs big enough to house a platoon. It's not the responsibility, it's not the interruptions, it's not the occasional gross clean up job. It's something else entirely.

"I never thought you having a kid would change my life. I always hated kids until I fell in love with yours," the artists say in unison. "Now I want to have my own. To know I could help make something this beautiful."

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