Jarreau Vandal (Soulection) Saves Your Valentine's Mix

I have always been a valentine-giving, mixtape-making, hopeless romantic. This year I decided to call in the heavy artillery, asking groundbreaking producer Jarreau Vandal to help me out with a few recommendations for this weekend's mix.

Jarreau's own sound is brilliantly forward thinking, and he seemed like the perfect person to ask for some obscure and romantic recommendations.

Readers can also find the Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post.

Despite all he has going on, the "Dutch Ambassador" of forward thinking LA-based collective Soulection found the time to share some very special tracks. Jarreau may not have only saved my mix, but my tortured love life as well.

His top 5 picks are so solid that I have no choice but to share it with readers and hope my valentine finds generosity and openness to be sexy attributes. If you have the type of sex that results in babies, consider this your heads up. Here's what Jarreau had to say about each of his choices:

Jarreau is getting ready to release an EP titled, "Suburban Superhero", and there has been a flurry of material popping up in recent days that I'm confident would find themselves at the top of this list, had he not written it himself.

Be sure to check out Jarreau's latest single that just premiered over on The FADER this week.

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