Jasmine Crockett Crucifies Lauren Boebert's Showing In Colorado Straw Poll

The Democratic Texas congresswoman expertly trolled the far-right Boebert.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) finished a shocking fifth in a Republican straw poll for the new congressional seat she’s seeking ― and the result reverberated through the weekend.

As Boebert’s name continued to trend on X Sunday, Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) took a shot at the far-right lawmaker.

“Before I go to bed, I thought it would only be fitting to send “thoughts & prayers” to my colleague, Lauren Boebert,” Crockett wrote on the former Twitter. “It’s my understanding that she placed 5th in her first straw poll of the election cycle. Now how many of y’all think BoBo gonna try to convince us that polls don’t matter… of course unless they are trash for Biden & great for Trump!”

In a GOP primary debate on Thursday, Boebert fended off opponents’ claims that she’s a “carpetbagger” after she entered the race in another district for a better chance at winning. Boebert narrowly won the third district in the 2022 election, prompting her reelection shift to the fourth district.

A straw poll conducted afterward indicated she’s potentially in for some rough sledding, however.

Boebert got just 10% of the vote in a fifth-place finish, drawing gasps in the room, Colorado Politics reported.

A casual poll conducted among a reported 117 participants at the hall where the debate took place isn’t exactly political science, but it got the internet buzzing.

The Republicans against Trump X account even went so far as to declare, “She’s finished.”

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