Jasmine Tridevil DUI: Woman Who Claimed She Had 3 Breasts Charged With Drunk Driving

Woman Who Claimed She Had 3 Breasts Charged With DUI

She probably doesn’t have three breasts, but she does have a DUI charge.

Jasmine Tridevil, the 21-year-old who once claimed she had gotten cosmetic surgery to obtain a third breast, was arrested on a DUI charge in Tampa, Florida on Monday morning, WTSP repots.

Of course, most people wouldn’t care about the alleged drunk driving if Tridevil, whose real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler — had not already achieved Internet notoriety for her outrageous triple-boobed claims.

three breasts

Back in September, Tridevil told multiple media outlets she spent about $20,000 on the surgery to make herself less attractive to men. Her dubious claim, however, came under fire after various pieces of evidence pointed to it being a total lie.

Photos from an interview with WTSP show Tridevil’s middle breast to be a totally different color than those on either side, and to look more like a stuffed nylon sock than something covered in human skin. The woman failed to produce the name of the plastic surgeon she claimed conducted the surgery, while another plastic surgeon told Snopes.com that such a surgery would be incredibly difficult and take up to a year to complete.

Additionally, a website listed as belonging to Alisha Jasmine Hessler boasts of being a “provider of Internet hoaxes since 2014.” Most damning of all, Hessler’s luggage was stolen at the Tampa International Airport, and the claim Hessler filed on her stolen items states she had a “3 breast prosthesis” in her bags.

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