Jason Alexander Stars In Nickelback Video For 'Trying Not To Love You' (VIDEO)

Nickelback has a unique ability to get made fun of on the internet for pretty much everything they do, so perhaps the Canadian pop-rock band's only logical response was to make their latest video an over-the-top, melodramatic barrista drama starring "Seinfeld" alum Jason Alexander. Right? Right.

The video for "Trying Not To Love You" stars a slimmed-down, toupee-wearing Alexander as a froth-artist barrista named Bud who falls in love with a beautiful blonde customer played by former "Baywatch" babe Brooke Burns. Bud's only competition comes from another barrista -- Alexander again, sporting a goatee, fedora and riding a motorcycle -- who steals Bud's spotlight with his even more awesome latte designs.

Paired with Nickelback's patented power chords and lovelorn, rock-harmonized lyrics, the whole thing is so bizarre and WTF-worthy that you may have to watch it twice to figure out whether you're laughing at it or with it. And that in a nutshell is the confounding, peculiar genius that is Nickelback. Enjoy the absurdity and leave your thoughts on the video in the comments.

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