Actor Jason Bateman CUTS Thousands In iPhone 4 Line, Gets Booed

Twitter was flush with talk of the #iphone4 Thursday, as thousands queued up outside Apple stores for their chance at the new smartphone. There were even a few celebrity sightings.

That morning, former Arrested Development star Jason Bateman joined a line of 2,000 outside a Los Angeles Apple store. As people in line realized who he was, they began posting their celebrity sighting to Twitter. As word traveled up the line, one person wrote, "No VIP line for the iPhone 4. Jason Bateman(actor) [sic] is 100 people behind me."

Before long, Apple employees reportedly pulled Bateman out of line and escorted him into the store ahead of all the other customers. "Everyone literally started booing and hissing!" a source told US Magazine. (See a picture here)

Check out photos of the crazy lines. And see what customers' biggest complaints about the iPhone 4 are so far.