Fox News Contributor Jason Chaffetz Rips GOP For Health Care Mess

"It really feels like they haven't gotten together and figured out a plan yet," the former representative said.

Newly hired Fox News contributor and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) went after Republicans on Thursday for failing to pass a new health care bill.

Chaffetz, who announced his resignation from Congress earlier this year, officially stepped down on June 30. Less than a week later, he was on the air, criticizing his former colleagues’ inability to repeal and replace Obamacare despite Republican promises to do so for years.

“Republicans, their deal with America was: If you give us the House of Representatives, we can play defense. If you give us the Senate, we can play a little bit of offense. If you give us the House, the Senate and the presidency, we can actually get things done,” Chaffetz said in the segment, which can be viewed above. “And so here we are, seven months into it, and they haven’t passed a bill yet.”

The former chairman of the House Oversight Committee continued, “There’s a great deal of frustration in both the House and the Senate that there is not yet a bill, because it really feels like they haven’t gotten together and figured out a plan yet.”

When House Republicans unveiled their proposed health care plan in March ― legislation that would leave millions uninsured, according to the Congressional Budget Office ― Chaffetz faced backlash for saying that people who couldn’t afford health care under the proposal should choose to “invest in their own health care” rather than spend money on a new iPhone.