Jason Collins Discusses Sharing SOTU Balcony With Willie Robertson Of 'Duck Dynasty'

A number of prominent American citizens were the honored guests of First Lady Michelle Obama in her box during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address this week -- among them out basketball player Jason Collins. And guess who was just feet away? "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson.

TMZ caught up with Collins after the SOTU address to gauge his reaction to being a mere 20 feet from Robertson while the two listened to the address and later took photos with various politicians.

"We passed each other in the hall and that was about it," Collins told TMZ. "They were moving him from one Republican to another Republican [for photos]."

According to CNN, Robertson was the guest of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, and was "the man of the hour for some politicians."

A&E's "Duck Dynasty" came under fire last December when its star, Phil Robertson, made anti-gay comments in a GQ profile and equated homosexuality with bestiality. Roberston was subsequently suspended from A&E for a short period of time. The latest season of "Duck Dynasty" reportedly premiered with dramatically lower ratings following the star's anti-gay comments.

Hear all of Collins' comments about the big night above.



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