Jason Derulo Takes A Ride With James Corden In The Latest 'Carpool Karaoke'

They talk dirty.

Jason Derulo makes a mighty fine carpool buddy. 

In the latest installment of his "Carpool Karaoke'" series, James Corden of CBS' "The Late Late Show" took the"Want to Want Me" singer for a spin, and the two hit it off immediately. 

Derulo revealed he was at the club until 6 a.m. before accompanying the talk show host in a rendition of his smash hit "Talk Dirty." Conversation quickly turned to the singer's "dirty talk" in the bedroom.

"In my younger years, I would never speak like that," Derulo admitted. "I was just kind of silent until one girl told me that it was weird."

At one point, Corden made a parking lot pit stop to learn how to "fully execute [his] moves." Derulo showed the "Into the Woods" actor a simple two-step and revealed his fundamental dance floor rule: always have a drink in hand.

Corden has chemistry with everybody, but nothing will ever be as wonderful as Jennifer Hudson's fast food drive-through serenade


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