LOL: Jason Derulo Dishes On Being In The Illuminati

LOL: Jason Derulo Dishes On Being In The Illuminati
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Who knows more about Jason Derulo? Jason Derulo, OR our YouTube star co-host Jason Horton. You be the judge!

Though he didn't remember his fiancé's Jordin Sparks' V-Day hashtag, he did have some hilarious thoughts on being in a secret society. And he remembered their adorable dinner plans. Awww.

Demonstrating with his hands, Jason showed how any conspiracy theorist on the web can make it look like he's signaling to his Illuminati brethren. He guessed 2,000 people online searched Google for his name and the Illuminati, but it was WAY more.

"Yo! If you put his two hands together, that makes a pyramid!" he laughed. "I be like, 'What?!'"

Check out Jason's new album out today!

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