Jason Festerman Allegedly Sprays 'Liquid Ass' At Son's School In Marine City

Jason Festerman may be facing jail time after spraying his son in the face with a product called "Liquid Ass."

"It smells like somebody hasn't took a bath for three months and their butt is really, really sweaty and they haven't wiped their tush in a long time," Jason Festerman told Fox 2.

Apparently Festerman's son, a student at Marine City Middle School in Marine City, Mich., brought in the foul-smelling product on Monday and sprayed it around as a joke. When Festerman got a phone call saying his son was suspended for the day, he told the station, he came to pick the boy up. The scene that ensued, however, landed the elder Festerman in hot water, too.

Police -- and the school -- are saying the father sprayed Liquid Ass on campus, too.

"A parent sprayed a foul-smelling spray in the lobby of MCMS," Principal Catherine Woolman told The Huffington Post in an email. "We have high expectations for appropriate behavior at MCMS, including adults visiting the building."

She noted that if those expectations are not met, "we take action up to and including contacting our local authorities, if deemed appropriate for the situation."

Festerman told Fox 2 he's been charged with disorderly conduct. He claims that he wasn't intentionally spraying it, but was just "checking" the canister "to see if anything was in it."

He also says, however, that spraying Liquid Ass is somewhat of a family pastime for the Festermans.

"We've gone to Kmart. We've had our kids with it and were spraying," he said. "We've done it at like Dollar General. Everyone laughed."

Festerman's wife, Rekiba Festerman, admits that her son deserved to be suspended for his actions. Still, on what appears to be the Facebook profile of Jason Festerman's wife, Rekiba, is a message to those that might not approve of the family antics:

"To those in marine city that find us distasteful no ur not n my mouth but i am n urs mmmm relish it kinda taste like liquid ass."



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