Blogger Jason Loper Shows Off His Cool Bohemian Home (PHOTOS)

We usually come across amazing bloggers by stumbling across their sites via Bloglovin or our good friend Google. But we actually met Jason Loper via Twitter after he sent us a photo of his latest JCPenney's purchase. We headed over to his blog "Captain Dapper," and before you know it, a good half hour went by. We were pretty much obsessed with his cool home and needed to know more.

Loper and his husband moved into their 1920s Chicago condo in 2006. The home was newly renovated and fit perfectly with their love of modern and vintage spaces. But the interior wasn't right just yet. As a former editor of Apartment Therapy, it was natural for Loper to take his DIY skills and add his "structured bohemian" style to the place. "I’m a mix of preppy and hippie and I think my style reflects that," he told The Huffington Post. "I appreciate clean lines and modern designs, but I also like to throw in mismatched pieces and unexpected color or pattern combinations." From the plumbing pipe shelving in the den to the stenciled entryway, this home is practically the definition of Do It Yourself.

When he's not creating his own pieces, Loper's go-to shopping spots for decor are Craigslist and flea markets, which he says might take a little of your time, but are so worth it. "It may take some patience and I might have to put in a little sweat equity, but I’ll pay way less for it and it will be an interesting hunt along the way," he said. "I also like to think that I’m being eco-friendly by buying secondhand."

He may be one of the few male lifestyle bloggers out there, but even if you fellas aren't particularly interested in home decor, Loper said all men should be able to have a nice place. "Having a nice home doesn’t have to mean that it’s styled to the nth degree," he said. "You can achieve a nice home by making a few some smart furniture decisions and spending a little time cleaning."

But his number one tip for anyone looking to redecorate? Take your time. "It’s easy to get frustrated when shopping," he said. "If you’re not feeling overwhelmed by all the options, it seems like you’re frustrated by lack thereof. Slow down, take a breath and walk away if you need to. Sometimes it takes giving up the hunt before you find the perfect piece. "

Ugh, can we please we BFFs now? Scroll through our photos to see Loper's awesome home, and be sure to head over to "Captain Dapper" for other goodies.

All photos by Jason Loper.

'Captain Dapper' Home

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