'Kool-Aid Killer' Escaped When Jailer Let Him Watch Fireworks

A man accused of murdering his wife briefly escaped from a Missouri jail when a deputy allowed him and other inmates to watch July 4 fireworks.

Jason McClurg, the so-called "Kool Aid Killer" who allegedly poisoned his wife with the sweet drink and a prescription medicine, broke free Friday night and was recaptured on Sunday, TV station KSPR reports. He was found in a camper in Winona, Missouri, according to KFVS.

The deputy was fired who brought McClurg and nine other detainees to a cage outside the Shannon County jail to view the fireworks display, CBS reports.

This was the second time that a prisoner had escaped from this guard, the sheriff's office said.

McClurg persuaded his wife to drink the lethal concoction in May by telling her their toddler had made it for her, detectives told KY3.