Jason Mecier, San Francisco Artist, Crafts Kevin Bacon Out Of Bacon

Kevin Bacon Made Of Bacon & Other Celebrity Food Mosaics

San Francisco artist Jason Mecier is best known for his iconoclastic portraits of celebrities made out of trash, often from their own garbage cans. But recently, he's shifted his focus a bit, toward portraits made from a narrower range of materials than a trash pail typically provides. He made high-profile portraits of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse out of pills. So it was only a matter of time before he moved into other comestibles.

Mecier appeared on Yahoo's Blue Ribbon Hunter to showcase a recent series of celebrity portraits made out of food. You can watch his demonstration above. The funniest of the artworks is an intricately detailed portrait of Kevin Bacon -- made all out of bacon. But click through below to see treasures like a portrait of Harry Potter in Red Vines, one of Taylor Swift in Good & Plenty candies and portraits of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made entirely of beef jerky:

Kevin Bacon in Bacon

Jason Mecier's Food Portraits

(via CNY News)