Jason Momoa Is Not Happy That You Think He Has 'Poopsie Pants'

Aquaman reveals why his eyes change color, what his favorite cut scene is and why he regrets that one crappy comment.
Aquaman knows you're looking at his pants.
Aquaman knows you're looking at his pants.

The world thinks Jason Momoa has “poopsie pants,” and he’s not happy about it. 

Momoa stars in the new James Wan–directed solo superhero movie “Aquaman,” which hits theaters in December. It is his third time in the role of Arthur Curry/Aquaman, co-starring this time with Amber Heard as fellow superhero/his love interest, Mera, and Patrick Wilson as Orm/Aquaman’s villain half brother. (Bonus: Nicole Kidman is their mom.)

As the movie’s title character, Momoa is front and center in the DC promotion cycle surrounding “Aquaman.” Over the past couple of weeks, he has appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” made the late-night show rounds and participated in more than a few interviews. Which brings me to the crappy situation at hand:

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor decided to decry the particular challenges of his Aquaman suit. “It looks like it’s easy to pee in,” he said, “but really it’s not. And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging. You’ve gotta be really good at holding it.”

The quote made its way around the internet, and in a subsequent interview with HuffPost, he couldn’t not address that shit ― along with a few other equally pertinent questions I had about the ocean’s answer to Khal Drogo.

I have some fan questions only Aquaman can answer. 

Oh, gosh.

First, I heard you talking about the difficulties of going to the restroom while wearing the suit.

That is the dumbest thing. I don’t even know who did that. It was such a —

I mean, I think it was EW.

EW. I’m mad at them because it was a joke, you knuckleheads. Like, of course I can go to the bathroom. I’m just like —

Well, the question I wanted to ask is, do you think the aquapeople have a complex sewer system as a result? Like, how do they go to the bathroom? 

Yeah, that’s a great question. I have no idea, but you should definitely ask. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live there.

Oh, duh. I’m talking to Amber Heard later, maybe she’ll know.

Ask her. And then change my quote with EW. I can definitely go poopsies just fine. There’s no problem with my suit.

OK, got it. 

I’m like, really? Is that what gets published?

[Note: I did ask Heard about how Atlanteans go to the bathroom. She didn’t know for sure but guessed, saying, “However fish go to the restroom, I imagine.”]

What’s the allure of swimming in pants, and how does it feel? Because when regular people do it, it’s uncomfortable. 

Well, yeah. It’s brutal, but he doesn’t swim like normal humans. He just blasts through the water. I think what we designed, even from the beginning with Zack [Snyder, the director of “Justice League”], is that when I sense there’s something wrong, I’m going to jump in [the water]. I don’t need to have a shirt on. I’m not going to bring a coat. But every place he lands, the reason why ... his outfits change so much [is] he just kind of pops up and leaves things in villages in all these places all over the world. But what does he jump in with? He just wears the same pair of pants and jumps in. He’s got a wallet chain because it’s going to fall out. 

Oh, I didn’t notice. He has a wallet chain so he doesn’t lose the wallet in the ocean?

Yes. It’s a biker quality. I also made this knucklehead ring because ... he grew up working with his hands on a car, on bikes with his dad. I thought it’d be cool to go from riding an old knucklehead to riding a seahorse. You try to put those things in there that you don’t necessarily see. He’s a blue-collar [guy]. You’re going to find him picking up things along the way. Whatever jewelry and all the things that he has, I felt, were from villages and places off the beaten path that he’s helped.

What about Aquaman’s eye color? Why did they change from blueish in “Justice League” to yellowish in “Aquaman”? 

You know what? I think James did not like the color. [He] did not like what we did with “Justice League.” It was my idea I brought to Zack. I thought it would be rad to have the different eye color. Something that’s completely Atlantean that was, like, his mark and could change a little bit. I didn’t want to be like Storm or something else, but I felt like it was just something that would be a little otherworldly, so Zack really liked it. We did the contacts, and James thought he wanted something more. They do look really cold and mean [in “Justice League”], and in all honesty, [he is] right. “Justice League” ― it’s like you lock eyes on me when I have those in. It’s scary.

It’s cool.

It’s scary and cool. It was an appropriate thing.

You’re staring down Ben Affleck.

That was an amazing moment. It was appropriate for “Justice League,” and I feel like [Wan] wanted to have a warmer thing in this [movie]. I feel like my justification for [the change] is that he kind of went home. He’s more rooted, and he’s calm when he’s around his family. Then when I grabbed the trident, it changes again. 

Oh, really? It does change again?

When I grab the trident, he goes completely gold. We went from green in the very beginning, so we kind of incorporated the idea of this is what’ll it’ll be: It’ll change with his moods. On his own, he’s way more feral. That’s why we had him a little bit colder ... green. It’s closer to my eye color. But when he’s around his dad, it’s happier times. Until he gets the suit and it’s, like, boom! Now we’re officially that color. So it’ll be the gold.

What’s your favorite scene that got cut?

I just heard that [Wan] cut it out, and I was so bummed because I haven’t seen the film yet, but there’s a point where [Mera] is recruiting me. I’m coming out of the bar with my father, and she’s just doing this whole thing where she’s trying to tell me that “you need to come. It’s your brother.” And I’m like, I don’t care. My dad’s all busted up, and so I’m ready to get out of there. James wanted me to, like, just emote, really be there. Like, “I want you to consider what she’s offering you.” So I really tried my hardest. I’m looking at her, I’m about to say this line, and I go [sticks out tongue and blows a raspberry]. And I slam on the gas [of my car], and I peel out, and it is hilarious.

They did it in a test screening, and it was so funny. I got so many people calling me about it. And he took it out of the film. I’m pissed. I just found out, and I’m like, dude, how do you do that? Because that’s something my mom used to do to me. I’d do something, and my mom would just go, like [sticks out tongue and blows a raspberry]. It was such an amazing moment for my mom. The whole crew lost it. James came out of the tent. I was trying to get to where he wanted me to be, and I just was rebellious enough where I was, in the nicest way [sticks out tongue and blows a raspberry]. I can’t do it, and it’s just not necessary.

I’m like, “How do you take that out of the fucking movie?” Ugh. That’s, like ... that’s my favorite scene, and now it’s gone. Hopefully, it’ll make it in the special features.

Aquaman tries to unite the seven seas. Could he unite the seven kingdoms and win the game of thrones?

I mean, yeah, because Khal Drogo’s scared of water. So that’s an easy one. 

I haven’t seen your reaction to Jon and Dany getting together. As Khal Drogo, what do you think?

They’re both my dear friends, and I think it’s just a phenomenal story. Drogo’s dead as dead. It’s still, like, the greatest show on earth, and I’m so excited for next year. Man, it’s going to be amazing.

Oh, yeah?


What did you think of all those times it was rumored Khal Drogo would come back?

It’s super-flattering that people want him to come back, but it wouldn’t last long. It makes no sense. [Dany’s] turned into this … she’s way more powerful than Drogo could’ve ever been.

I guess that’s all the time I have.

Set the record straight about my poopsie pants.

I’ll do my best.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.