Jason Momoa's Private Plane Made An Emergency Landing After Engine Fire Scare

“We got ourselves a slight delay … the plane wanted to start a fire,” the “Aquaman” actor said on Instagram.

Jason Momoa is “safe and happy” after his private plane made an emergency landing Wednesday.

The “Aquaman” star was on his way to Arizona with friends to work on his “dream bike” with Love Cycles, a motorcycle shop in Phoenix, when the pilot made a stop in Palm Springs, California, because he suspected an engine fire.

“The goddamn plane failed us, but the Harley won’t,” Momoa said in an Instagram post, reassuring fans that he got to Phoenix safely.

In fact, the 39-year-old actor documented the entire experience on Instagram, beginning with him on the tarmac after he had to exit the plane.

“We got ourselves a slight delay — half an hour out in Palm Springs and the plane wanted to start a fire,” Momoa said in an Instagram Story, per TMZ.

“So yeah, good ole’ fire department, gotta love ’em,” he added as he panned the camera over to fire trucks on the tarmac.

“Looks like we’re driving!” he joked.

According to TMZ, Momoa and his friends got another private jet to take them the rest of the way.

But as it turned out, there wasn’t actually a fire on Momoa’s plane.

The Palm Springs firefighters’ Instagram account posted a photo with the “Justice League” actor, and wrote in the caption that the fire “turned out to be a false alarm.”

If only he could’ve traveled by water.