'Asking Sophia To Prom': Jason Mraz-Inspired Prom Proposal By Teen Is Adorable (VIDEO)

Whether it's inflating 1,500 pink balloons or popping the question from the top of a firefighter's ladder, we're suckers for a good promposal story. But nothing quite compares to the swoon-worthy rendition of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," to which high school student Bobby Chin bravely asked his crush to prom.

Last week, the Baltimore, MD teen -- sporting a red rose behind his ear -- took the plunge when he approached his future date, Sofia, in a crowded hallway at school. With the help of a friend playing guitar, Chin surprised Sofia when he started to sing to Mraz's catchy tune with the lyrics, "Hey Sofia, I want you to know that I met you about six months ago. You made me some large fries. They were the best fries of my life."

Needless to say, to the applause of her classmates, a smiling Sofia said "yes." Though we can't help but wonder, where can we get some of these amazing fries?

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