Jason Pierre-Paul Is Already Joking About Losing A Finger

Too soon? NAH.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul put his patriotism ahead of his paycheck when a fireworks accident cost him his right index finger

Pierre-Paul lost a physical digit and a few million monetary ones, as well -- the Giants withdrew a $60 million contract offer in the wake of the incident -- but he hasn't let it all bring him down. On Sunday afternoon, Pierre-Paul addressed his mishap by tweeting a few inspiring words:

Notice the typo, though? 

No worries. The player quickly noticed the mistake, and to his credit, the excuse he gave is pretty reasonable: 

Hey, at least he can joke about it now?

Let this be a lesson to you quick-to-correct grammar geeks out there: Unless you want to be a jerk, it's best to give recent finger amputees a break when it comes to typing. 

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