Oh, Man, Does Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Look Mangled Or What?

Hand down, man down.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul believes that his hand is fine enough to play "soon," but Giants team doctors disagree, according to ESPN.

We might have to side with the Giants on this one, because the New York Daily News got a photograph of the hand, and wow, does this thing look mangled or what?

Pierre-Paul has his right index finger and the tip of his thumb amputated after his hand was injured in a July 4 fireworks accident. In early September, Pierre-Paul had surgery on his right hand to fix his now bandaged middle finger, and Pierre-Paul doesn't think the injury will affect his ability to get to the quarterback:

That may or may not be true, but in any case, not having his right index finger will prevent him from doing this:


Poor guy.

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