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Jason Polan Draws the People of New York Without Their Knowledge: Are You on His Website?


A slightly different kind of street art has emerged in New York City. Rather than using the street as the canvas, artist Jason Polan uses the streets inhabitants as his subjects. Everyday, Polan braves the city streets and draws the people he sees, posting his creations on his blog. His goal: to draw every person in New York City: in Subway stations and museums, restaurants and on street corners. He tries his best to be discrete; most of the time, his subjects have no idea they form a part of this project. Polan even wants NYC's inhabitants to participate; to have a chance at being a part of his series, you can email Polan 24 hours in advance (, naming a street corner or other public place that you will be standing at for a duration of two minutes, the day, and time. While he does not respond, you may end up on his blog! Read more about Polan on WNYC's 'Know Your Neighbor' series.

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