WaPo Executive Editor Speaks Out As Jason Rezaian Reaches 500 Days In Iranian Jail

"It's a real tragedy," Marty Baron tells HuffPost Live.

As The Washington Post's Jason Rezaian nears his 500th day in an Iranian prison, the newspaper's executive editor Marty Baron called for Rezaian's release on Tuesday, telling HuffPost Live that he blames "an unjust society" for his colleague's continued detainment.

Rezaian, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, was accused of espionage and convicted by Tehran’s Revolutionary Court on unclear charges earlier this year. Following his arrest, which has been widely condemned, Rezaian is spending his days in Iran's notorious Evin Prison. According to The Daily Beast, the reporter "has now been imprisoned by Iranian officials four times longer than any previously incarcerated Western journalist."

"As of Thursday, it'll be 500 days [that he's been imprisoned]. It's a real tragedy, and we're dealing with a very opaque society and an unjust society," Baron said.

Baron also denounced the way Rezaian's case has been handled by Iranian officials, referring to the lack of communication between the court and Rezaian's lawyer. Baron said:

They have not actually revealed any evidence that he engaged in any wrongdoing. Particularly, they talk about espionage, but there's been no evidence of that. They say he's been convicted, they don't say what he's been convicted of. They say he's been sentenced, but they don't say what he's been sentenced for or for how long. And they haven't communicated any of this directly to his lawyer. So it's an impossible system, and it's a great tragedy, and all we can do is keep reminding people that justice requires that Jason be released from prison.

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