Jason Schwartzman Celebrates John Baldessari For Pacific Standard Time (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jason Schwartzman Hallucinates John Baldessari's Head In Short Film

Art anxiety plagues many a thoughtful person. It is the fear that asks over and over again: what if I just don't get it? Who better to address this affliction than neurotic heartthrob par excellence Jason Schwartzman?

Schwartzman faces his fears in this video short when confronted by the giant, talking head of LA art legend John Baldessari. The endless over-thinker and the man who re-invented conceptualism with his irreverent humor make a perfect pair. They are fun, inspirational, and honest, through a frantic rehashing of art history and a confession of the fear in giving oneself over to art. Baldessari imparts wonders with the simple wisdom: "I think the best thing is not to be intimidated." Sometimes you just need a giant, floating head to tell you what you already know inside.

This short film is part of Pacific Standard Time, a collaboration of LA artists which begins this weekend. PST will tell the story of the birth of the Los Angeles art scene and how it became a major new force in the art world. View Anthony Kiedis and Ed Ruscha's PST short here, and follow Huffington Post Arts for updates on all things PST related.

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