Jason Schwartzman On 'Sesame Street': Star Is 'Cast Iron Cook'

Small, excitable and able to pull off an innocent naivety with aplomb: character on "Sesame Street" or Jason Schwartzman?

Trick question: now they're one and the same.

The "Bored to Death" star, who sneaks around the streets of New York in a trench coat in Jonathan Ames' HBO show, will now take his act to one of the city's most famed streets with a guest appearance on the PBS series on Friday. It's not just one of those quick stops that many actors make, playing themselves, either; Schwartzman is going all out in a parody of "Iron Chef."

Dressed like a cross between a magician and a marching band leader, he plays Super Chef, an eccentric TV host with a very particular tongue. And because you're by now very, very curious about it, you can check out a preview below.


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