Jason Segel Gets Date Invite On YouTube From Chelsea Gill (VIDEO)

Jason Segel Gets Amazing Date Request On YouTube, Responds Happily

Want to date Jason Segel? Don't bother flying to Hollywood; your best bet may be picking up a guitar and flicking on a webcam. Oh, and writing an adorable song, too.

Young (but legal!) singer Chelsea Gill wrote, recorded and put on YouTube a song asking the "Muppets" revivalist on a date, promising that she wasn't crazy, was disease free and down with his dorky side.

Dropping "Lord of the Rings" references, Chelsea offered fun drunk times and disguised escapades as well as a generous time frame in which to respond. Whether it was the melody, effort or appeal of her offer, Segel responded on Twitter enthusiastically Wednesday night.

"My favorite thing, maybe ever. I am in awe. Response on the way," he tweeted. "I'm gonna need a couple days on this one."

Something tells us Chelsea's willing to wait; she may have just scored herself a Marine Corps. Ball-style date.


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