Jason Segel's 'Sex Tape': Who Is The Leading Lady Going To Be?

Who's The Leading Lady In Jason Segel's Sex Tape?

Parents, beware: your kids may love "The Muppets" next month, but this Jason Segel-Amy Adams film would be a whole lot less family friendly.

News broke on Thursday that Jason Segel and writing partner Nick Stoller are closing in on making the comedy "Sex Tape," their next project. The film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is about a married couple who, with a night off from their kids, decide to make a sex tape. Of course, it somehow gets stolen, leading them on a frantic search to find it (the guess here is that their kids somehow have it).

Stoller directed Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which Segel wrote, while they co-wrote the upcoming "Muppets" film, in which Segel and Adams star. According to Variety, there are a number of actresses who could play Segel's wife -- including Adams, his girlfriend in the puppet extravaganza. Also on the list provided by reporter Jeff Sneider are Emily Blunt (who just starred with Segel in "The Five-Year Engagement), Rose Byrne and Jennifer Garner, all of whom would make Segel a very lucky man.

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